We created yesmechanic to be different from other auto businesses.

We encourage reviews from car users for all automotive businesses.

About us

Every Review is an Experience

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to using an auto professional. So we created a review platform just for car users and automotive professionals to communicate their experiences. Our team of techies went to work on making the review platform easy to use for everyone.

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We embrace transparency

We embrace transparency

How we do this is through the platform which allows car users to discover, share and communicate information about their experience by writing and sharing their views, which allows others and the automotive business gain feedback, which helps their business.

We constantly update and improve our services by investment into the latest research and development to ensure it makes everyone’s lives so much easier.

Why use yesmechanic

Why yesmechanic?

For years Jamie and Mike were disappointed and let down with many of the garages and auto professionals they had used. They asked around and found that others too had similar stories to tell, which is why they decided to start the yesmechanic review platform.

It’s all about reviewing and improving experiences for both the car user and the auto professionals.