If you were handed an estimate to replace a water pump on your car, would you know if the price was fair? Could you trust that the repair company were giving you a fair and honest price? How about the price for a tie rod end, mass air flow sensor, or an evaporative emissions sensor?

Most of us don’t know what these are, never mind the price. Yet it is components such as these that are commonly used to over-charge us, the customer.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in an age of trust, so how do we ensure that our car repair costs are fair and legitimate.

How many times have you suspected that you paid too much, but couldn’t prove it? How many times did the price seem exorbitant for even the most simplest of repairs?

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To illustrate just how at risk the everyday car owner is to being ripped off, here’s YesMechanic Co-Founder, Mike’s story:

“I had a Vauxhall Insignia that suddenly lost power and went into ‘limp mode’.

“I took the car to a well-known garage chain and they concluded the car needed a new air-flow sensor. They duly repaired the car and I left with a working car…

“… until the following day, when I experienced exactly the same problem as before, a loss of power.

“Taking it back to the same garage, this time they said it was a turbo problem and would need a specialist to deal with it.

“Having been ‘stung’ the previous day, I was not happy that I would be paying, again, for something that might not resolve the problem.

“So, I took the car to another garage. They did a smoke test and found a split hose, which they replaced, at a cost of £400, and the problem was resolved.

“Thanks to the first garage, I was out of pocket £100.”

How did the first garage get away with it?

The answer is very simple, and it’s a point that we don’t want anyone to miss:

They got away with it because they could!

Think about it.

The average person doesn’t know much about car repair, how much parts cost or even how much time a repair should take? To what sources does one turn to find out this information? Who even has the time to investigate?

Has this happened to you?

The car repair industry has been over-charging for decades sometimes subtly, sometimes boldly, definitely frequently. The evidence for this is overwhelming; yet, there are no easy solutions available for the car repair customer.

How many times have you just paid the bill and left?

Pretty much that’s all one can do given that there is no accessible information for the car repair customer to adequately question a repair bill. Furthermore, very few even know what questions to ask!

What’s the answer?

First and foremost, car repair customers need access to information on car repair prices. Without this, they’ve got nothing tangible in which to determine fair charges. They also need to be able to navigate the maze of parts and labour charges for car repairs and maintenance.

Like everything else, information is the key to ensure fair treatment. Without it, the car repair customer will continue to swim with the sharks without any protection.

Use YesMechanic

Secondly, use YesMechanic to find a reputable repair shop in your area.

YesMechanic is an online platform where car owners can give feedback about auto professionals or car repair companies, enabling other people in need of a good, reputable mechanic, to find one.

Further details can be found at www.yesmechanic.com

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What happened?

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