As your car takes you to your desired destinations, it’s best to get the car service done now and then. Each of the components of your vehicle require regular maintenance at proper intervals. Recommended intervals according to the manufacturer may not always secure the well-being of the car components.

Once a part your car needs attention, other types of car service and repair may be required. Jump start your knowledge about your vehicle’s care by knowing the different kinds of car services in the UK.

What is a car service?

Car service involves various maintenance procedures. It consists of checking, replacing or refilling different essential components of your vehicle.

You may find the record of the completed service in your car’s service book. Once all the necessary procedures are done, have your book stamped by your service provider.

What are the types of car services and repair

1. Interim Service

If you drive your car and go about 20,000 miles or more, you better have the interim service for it.

You need your car undergo interim service twice a year. It doesn’t have to have two full services a year. As interim car service is about oil changing and additional checks, your car may be ready to hit the road with excellent performance.

One of the highlights of an interim service is also taking care of your car’s coolant (water), power steering fluid, and brake. Different garages may differ in jobs.

Some may remove your car’s wheels, and others may not. Others may check the condition of your brake pads, and some won’t. Remember that not all garages will check your car’s alternator and auxiliary drive belts and other essential factors.

If you’re not sure about what service your car should get, your garage must explain what they will do and the differences between the types of car service.

    What’s included in the Interim Service checklist?

  • Brake fluid level checked and refilled
  • Windscreen wash checked and refilled
  • Anti-freeze coolant checked and refilled
  • Suspension checked
  • Exhaust system checked
  • Windscreen and windscreen wipers checked
  • All front and rear lights checked
  • The condition of car battery checked
  • Charging system checked
  • Steering column checked
  • Tire tested (treads and pressures)
  • The status of brakes checked
  • Power steering fluid checked and refilled
  • Shock absorbers checked

2. Full service

If your car needs much more service part replacements and range checks than interim services allow, let your vehicle undergo a full service.

This type of car service is ideal for you if your car does low annual mileages. Your vehicle should be serviced once per annum.

    What’s included Full-service checklist?

  • Oil and filter change
  • Replace air filter
  • New spark plugs (petrol engines)
  • Replacement fuel filter (diesel engines)
  • Extensive checks for wear, leaks, and damage, including steering system and the driveshaft
  • Wheel bearings checked for excessive play (wear)
  • Removal of brakes and wheels checked
  • Pipes, hoses and brake cylinders are checked for leaks or damage
  • Suspension checked for damage or wear
  • Clutch operation checked
  • Handbrake operation checked and adjusted if necessary
  • Brake fluid tested. They are replaced if necessary
  • Reset service light
  • Tires inspected for damage and signs of misalignment
  • Exhaust system checked for damage, corrosion, or leaks and many more

3. Major Service

This type of car service involves all the processes in the full service.

The advantage is that this service includes changing the spark plugs, changing of fuel filters, and other wear or service items that your manufacturer recommends.

Additional maintenance or additional repairs aren’t included in the Major Service.

4. Manufacturer’s Service

Manufacturer’s Service is the most comprehensive and expensive type of service available. This service involves all wear, maintenance, and service your car may need.

    What’s included in the Manufacturer’s Service checklist?

  • Oil and oil filter check and replacement
  • Brake fluid check and top up
  • Windscreen wash check and top up
  • Anti-Freeze coolant check and top up
  • Steering check
  • Full brake check
  • Light check
  • Shock absorbers check
  • Power steering fluid check and top up
  • Suspension check
  • Charging systems check
  • Tire tread and pressure check
  • Windscreen wipers check
  • Charging system check
  • Exhaust check
  • Wheel alignment check
  • Battery check

How often should you service your car?

Your car manufacturer outlines how often you should take your car for a service. Some modern vehicles may also show when you should have a service on the electronic instrument panel.

If you don’t have access to both of the options above, you may follow the general guide for car maintenance providers. Many cars undergo full service every year or every 12,000 miles. Whichever comes first calls for service.

One myth about car maintenance says that you need your car to have engine oil replacement every 3,000 miles.

To avoid any misconceptions, you need to consult with your owner’s manual to have a more exact idea about this.

With all the standard service procedures, having a car service is a perfect time to troubleshoot other problems.

How much does a car service cost?

The basic car service costs around £125. If you look for garages with best deals, you may find cheaper bills for the service.

Know that the cost of a service is less than having to replace parts. This situation means that the value of your car service may be less if your car has less damage because of poor maintenance.

    Below is a list of car parts and their prices:

  • Radiator – £430
  • Water pump – £240
  • Engine exchange – £2,575
  • Cylinder head gasket – £520
  • To get a fair price for your car service, check your service manual before contacting any garage. Know the tasks that are included in the service.

    Once you call your garage, you need to do the following to get a great deal:

  • Ask for a detailed breakdown of all the work needed
  • Know if the garage will carry out the service that follows the manufacturer’s procedure
  • Get quotes from other local garages and find the cheapest
  • When comparing prices, always check for the work and reputation.

Car service involves looking closely at your car. At some point, the mechanic will have to test drive it to make sure that your vehicle doesn’t encounter problems.

Maintaining your car may be costly, but knowing the different kinds of car services and repairs in the UK may bring you better deals.

You may do your job as a responsible car owner, and do it with us to bring the best services to you.