How Important is Car Maintenance?

Well, good thing that you asked. According to a study in the USA, the cost of injuries from accidents of unperformed car maintenance tops $2 billion a year. With the given number, it is safe to say that regular car maintenance is of utmost importance. Failure of doing so may cost your life or your loved ones.

To keep your car running at top efficiency and lengthen the life of your vehicle there are several vehicle maintenance measures that you should routinely undertake. You can read and refer to your owner’s manual or take your car to an auto service facility at the suggested maintenance periods to have it checked out by a certified mechanic.

While you’re at the peak of looking for a reputable mechanic or repair shop, you must know what the things that need to be checked and maintained regularly are. So below are some areas you need to have checked periodically.

Oil and Filter Change

Having your oil and filter changed regularly is one of the most common maintenance requirements for the performance of your vehicle. It is also one of the essential maintenance jobs because it adds to the life of your engine. Lubricating the engine with oil is to reduce wear and friction. The purpose of the oil is to carry the heat away from other critical areas of the vehicle. The oil also helps to make the engine parts cooler while it’s running.

A regular oil change also helps to reduce engine noise and resist rust and corrosion. When combined with the oil filter, it removes dirt and contaminants from the engine. When you have your oil and filter changed at each service check is recommended by most auto manufacturers because it is proven that it is the key to long and trouble-free engine life.

Tyre Check

The tyre may not matter much for you but it does, and it is as expensive as any of your vehicle’s part. So don’t neglect it. Your tyre carry the entire weight of your car and its passengers. Thereby, it plays a vital role in its overall performance. When you have had your tyre regularly checked, mechanics can look for faulty issues. Issues like under-inflated tyre which can make your vehicle threatening while braking. Aside from making it dangerous, under inflated tyre may also change the shape of your tyre because they are flatter to the ground, which will eventually cause the shoulders of your tyre to wear prematurely.

Over inflated tyre pose a similar problem. An over inflated tyre will leave the tyre rigid and stiff with less tyre to connect to the road.Also an over inflated tyre may lead to not only a harder trip but uneven tyre wear. By keeping an optimum air pressure, makes your car safer, improved driving performance, also, tyre life and reduced fuel cost. It’s not about being paranoid. It’s about cost-efficiency.

Tyre maintenance includes tyre rotation. The tyre coming from the front end wears differently because of the scraping the receive as they turn to steer your car. To make the most out of your tyre, they should be regularly rotated as what is recommended in the owner’s manual. Doing so will make your tyre wear more evenly. Thus, resulting in increased safety and consistency.

Brakes vital car maintenance

Last but not the least, if you value your life. The primary function of the brakes is to ensure your safety is not undervalued. Your brakes are the most significant element of your car. Latest cars today have many improved features with regards brakes. However, no matter how updated and high-end they are, they still need to undergo regular maintenance checks. Do so is to avoid failure and more costly repairs as the time goes. If you begin to see any operational concerns, you should always seek help from mechanics as soon as possible.

Service maintenance for brakes should happen at least once a year to examine the state of your vehicle’s hydraulic system and operating hardware. The mechanic will also examine materials such as pads, shoes, rotors and drum may need regular monitoring because they are regularly used and worn down every time you use your brakes.

Other car maintenance services that may need your attention for a well-performing car:

  • You need to check the coolant levels of your vehicle and keep it filled to the exact level to prevent wear on your engine.
  • You need to check your wiper blades regularly and replace if it gets worn out. Also, don’t forget to top up your washer fluid.
  • Check your battery regularly too. Most car batteries life expectancy last 3-5 years.
  • Check your hoses and belts on a regular basis. Check if there are any cracks or leaks in your hoses and belts. Replace if it’s necessary.
  • Always regularly check old spark plugs. If there’s a need to replace them, then do.

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