Talk to anyone and they’ve all got nightmare stories about rip-off mechanics, dodgy workmanship and bad customer service. YesMechanic co-founders, Mike Robinson and Jamie Hancock, were no different. And it was from their own personal experiences that led to their lightbulb moment and the start of the YesMechanic journey.

Jamie’s story

“My experience left me a new car and over £1,500 out of pocket!

“My Peugeot 307 broke down in Clifton, Bristol and was towed to a local garage who diagnosed a faulty injector.

“They quoted for the work, which I agreed to. Once repaired, I picked it up, only to have it breakdown a few days later.

“The car got towed back to the same garage, who advised me to replace all the other injectors. This cost nearly £1,500.

“A few day after having the injectors replaced, the car broke down for a third time. Obviously, I was not at all happy at my car being towed back, again, to the same garage and left with them trying to find a fault.

“They called me, and advised me to get rid of the car as it wasn’t worth repairing any further and they couldn’t sort it out, or give me any refund.

“On their advice, I traded the car in and bought a new one.

“So imagine my surprise when, about two months later as I was driving along the M4 to see my old Peugeot shoot past me on the outside lane.

“For a car that wasn’t worth repairing, it certainly didn’t appear to have any problems! Having checked the MOT status, that car is still going strong today!”

YesMechanic is formed

Mike had similar experiences that left him out of pocket and talking to friends it became apparent that there was a need for something that would help car users find good mechanics who could be trusted to do a good job at a reasonable price.

So Mike and Jamie sat down and formulated a plan that would become YesMechanic.

Their vision: an online platform where users can give feedback about auto professionals or car repair companies and those companies can then work on their services based on reviews posted.

Good customer service is at the heart of what YesMechanic is all about.

By offering a two-way communication between consumers and automotive professionals, YesMechanic hopes to change the industry for the better, so more consumers receive the best in customer service and car care.

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