Car tyres deserve to have much attention when it comes to your vehicle maintenance. With bad tyres, comes bad driving experience. Manufacturers have pushed themselves to the limit to design the tyre that can address your need as the car owner. You deserve no less than the best cars tyres in the UK. Decide on which is the best for your car with the reviews below.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

This tyre has been one of the best tyres in the UK for years now. Its size is notable, perfect for your need for big size tyres. While you might find bigger tyres in the market like the PremiumContact 6, you still can’t say no to the advantages that PremiumContact 5 serves.

The weakness of PremiumContact 5 lies on its rolling resistance. This factor means that the tyre may use around three per cent more fuel. Other than this, it’s hard to find loopholes in the plausible engineering that this tyre has. Its manufacturers are successful in making a high performance tyre in both wet and dry surfaces. This tyre does one the best jobs when it comes to braking on wet surfaces.

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Dunlop Sport BluResponse

This tyre has been around in the market since 2013. Its success lies in its high quality performance on dry surfaces.

When it comes to handling track, it also does best in handling the braking test. It may lack the sharpness, but its agility and good balance are still notable for Dunlop Sport BluResponse.

Although this tyre can’t compete with the Continental and Bridgestone when it comes to handling tracks, it’s still a best choice for its fuel economy. If you’re main goal in choosing tyres is the value for money when it comes it fuel efficiency, then better have this one.

Bridgestone Turanza T001

The advantage of Bridgestone Turanza T001 is in its compounding. This has a big advantage when running on wet surfaces. Bridgestone has previously failed on manufacturing tyres that do best on wet performance, but this tyre is not one of those failures.

Although it only comes second to Continental when it comes handling wet surfaces, it scores well when it comes aquaplaning.

This tyre comes second when it comes to wet braking. It’s a close runner up to Continental on the wet track. It gives positive and good balance in the long run.

When it comes to the leaders in the dry surfaces, this one is also one of the best. It’s also scores good as one of the quietest tyres in this list.

Kumho Ecsta HS51

This mid-range brand does a step ahead of its rival, Hankook. The secret of its win is its excellent performance during wet weather. While the winners are Continental and Bridgestone, this tyre is a good runner up. It serves decent balance on the track as it is pushed wide in the tighter turns. Its overall performance is positively progressive.

Its wet braking is something difficult to overlook. As the grip can be seen in the cornering result, it’s remarkably competitive with Continental.

When it comes to wet braking, it only has three metres more to stop than the winner on this list. If this tyre has a weakness, it might be its soft and sluggish feel when on the dry track compared to the best. If you should expect something from this tyre, it should be its plausible talent on wet surfaces.

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Hankook Ventus Prime3

The performance of this tyre tops on the dry surfaces. Compared to its counterpart, the Goodyear EfficientGrip, there’s only a little difference when it comes to the overall wet performance. Compared to the Prime3, there’s little to no difference at all in the dry, cost and comfort assessments. If you’re aiming for the tyre for you, this one is best for dry road performance.

When it comes to handling track, it held the victory alongside Continental. It also does best on the breaking test. If you have to consider a factor as its weakness, it may be is its performance on wet surfaces. It lacks the quality that it needs when it comes to handling curves. It lost the bite it had on the dry track.

Its interior noise is in the mid pack in this list. When it comes to fuel economy, it’s not something you can expect from this tyre.

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance review

This tyre may not be on the top tier, but it does best on cabin noise performance and solid rolling resistance.

Talking about handling dry surfaces, it may be under the second from the best. It’s braking belongs to the mid pack in this list. This tyre can feel soft when pushed on dry roads. It may lack the sharpness in Hankook and Continental, but it’s still has an excellent dry surface performance.

During aquaplaning test, Goodyear does an impressive job. It has a good balance running around the wet handling track. You may need to have more locks than the best, but it’s still a good candidate for wet performance.

Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun review

It’s a tough task manufacture a tyre that has both fuel economy and a good wet grip. These element directly conflict from each other. With Ecorun’s design, its engineers have focused on its green credentials rather than its wet road performance. This tyre has an excellent fuel economy.

It does a good job in wet braking, but it’s nothing compared to the best on this list. In the dry, it feels soft and requires more lock than most of the tyres on this list. Its braking ability continues in the dry surfaces as it’s a runner up to Dunlop.

Although it’s nothing compared to its rivals when it comes to wet surfaces, give Ecorun its due credit for its fuel economy. You may also get yourself this tyre if fuel economy is your priority is choosing the best tyre in UK.

How to choose the best tyre?

The tyres are judged based on their fuel economy, noise, and wet grip. Choose the tyre that fits your priority. If you’re a big fan of tyres that serve best when it comes to fuel economy, then Ecorun and Dunlop might be the best for you. If your priority is its performance on dry surfaces, Dunlop may be for you. If you love the best, forget the rest and choose the Continental.

If you can’t decide on which tyre is the best for your needs, YesMechanic is here to give you reliable tips and tricks in aiming for the best options. Search for the best tyre companies and see where the road may lead.