What UK Motorists and Auto Professionals Need to Know About COVID-19’s Impact on the Automotive Industry

With the global pandemic currently about, the Government has issued safety measures to keep people at home. Only essential workers should leave their homes while the general public is advised to stay put unless their needs are essential.

While it impacts all industries, it also leaves both motorists and automotive professionals wondering what is in store. Car production has been halted throughout Europe and dealers are shuttered as the Government urges everyone to stay home.

The situation has often been described as fluid though, and it leaves many wondering what they can and can’t do. Resources that keep people informed are important during these unprecedented times.

Common Questions About Automobiles During Coronavirus

One of the most frequently asked questions from motorists is, “Can I still drive my car?” The answer is yes, though the reasons must be in line with the Government’s emergency mandates. If you have an essential job you must get to or you need to leave to shop for essential goods, attend a medical appointment, or care for someone that is ill, driving your car during the pandemic is allowed.

Currently, no roads have been shut down though the situation is being monitored daily. Fines may be imposed on those who are driving about as if on holiday to prevent the spread of the contagious disease.

Additionally, the biggest question that is posed by those holding essential job positions is, “What if my car breaks down? Are garages open?”

When your vehicle won’t start or something goes wrong while driving it, it’s usually a stressful situation. During an unprecedented pandemic situation like this though, it can exceed even the usual stress. Fortunately, should you be running a critical mission or heading to your essential job and experience car troubles, garages are still open.

That doesn’t mean every garage across the UK remains open though. Some are running limited hours or going by appointment only. Others are only staying open for emergency workers.

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