Well, ratings may be of help but they definitely are not the determinant factor in a great car repair garage. There are a lot of things to consider on how to choose a car repair garage suited for you. Finding it all by yourself will take you ages, if not forever, to finally find the best car repair garage. So we came up with a list to aid you on how to choose a car repair garage. Are you ready? Here are yesmechanic’s tips and tricks, listen closely.


Ratings aren’t everything but coming from reliable sources like The Motor Ombudsman and Trading Standards might be a good start. They are known to investigate and base their ratings from satisfied patrons. Each of the ratings goes through a rigorous verification process. You can also check our website for the best car repair garages near you. We base our ratings on the rating standards of The Motor Ombudsman and Trading Standards. Most especially from our dear patrons.

Reputation Checking

For the garage:

Check if the car repair garage is part of any notable industry schemes. There is the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) who accredits technicians who are professionally trained. There’s also Trading Standards approved code by the Motor Codes in which garages joined and agreed to operate by their set code of conduct and operational standards.

For its technicians:

Never invest in people who aren’t capable of trust. This comes in true with cars. Your car is as important as your life most especially if used daily. If your vehicle isn’t in pristine condition and is not taken care by the real professionals, then you’re probably going to lose your life too. That is a fact.


The best way to know a certain product is credible is hearing it straight from the patron’s mouth. Some of them maybe jacked but with yesmechanic and some other accredited sites, you can be assured that these recommendations aren’t botched. So you’ve finally chosen the best car repair garage. Now, here are some tips on what to do during the work and after the work.

What to do in the garage

Before the technician starts servicing or repairing your car, you need to ask for a written estimate. Make sure that the estimate includes parts, labour and the dreaded VAT. You also need to check if the garage is using approved or similar parts, so you don’t need to invalidate any remaining warranty on your car.

You may also enquire if they have a courtesy car for the duration of the repair, but be on a look out of insurance excesses on the complementary vehicles issued to you.

You also need to stay on top of the work. This may sound like a bit of a paranoia but prevention is always better than cure. Make sure that they’re using the most ideal and high-quality parts for any repair. Never compromise always stay on top.

When you collect the car, request for a legibly marked receipt or invoice that entails the work is done and what were the parts used, and have it stamped in the service book. By doing so will be useful to prove you’ve looked after the car when you come to sell it.

You may also consider asking the mechanic to show you the work they’ve done. Then, you’ll know if they’ve done their job properly. You’ll know if they did because they’ll be too pleased to show you and it’s also a valuable chance to learn more about any issues you can prevent in the future. If you don’t feel certain to do this check, you can take a close mate with you who is more knowledgeable about these things.

If the mechanic chooses to do otherwise, or something smells entirely fishy, especially with the safety-critical parts like brakes, etc, consider getting it checked by another mechanic at a different garage. They’re usually cheap and fast to do. Well, you know, it’s better safe than to be sorry, mate. It may be too late to be sorry if something bad happens.

Another, avoid getting ripped off. Here are some of the tips on how to avoid getting ripped off by garages.

1. Make sure that all of the work done by the garage and parts replaced has a warranty for one year. This is also one of the factors most reliable garages will offer. Always ask if there’s a warranty before handing over any payment.

2. If there’s anything needs proper replacement, you can ask the garage to show you which of the parts needs it. Get them to explain why they need to replace, what they’re going to do and how they’re going to do it. This is not a test that they need to surpass but it’s gauging if they know what they’re doing or not.

3. Finally, make sure that you have a receipt and keep them safe somewhere. Having a record of the service history of your vehicle may add significant value to your car. Also, it may add as much as £400 to the resale price once you resell your car.

So those were some of our fast tips and tricks on how to choose a car repair garage. It’s quite a lengthy process, isn’t it? If you don’t fancy a lengthy process, fret not mate. We at yesmechanic have it all for you. You may be laughing now because it all boils down here but here at yesmechanic, we make sure that every garage and vehicle service centres are of top quality.

With yesmechanic, your car and your life is our top priority. That is why we never kid of quality. We listed the best mechanics and garages near your area for your convenience.

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