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How Important is Car Maintenance?

How Important is Car Maintenance? Well, good thing that you asked. According to a study in the USA, the cost of injuries from accidents of unperformed car maintenance tops $2 billion a year

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MoT Failure Points The Top 10 Most Common

If you fail the MoT, your technician will present you with a list of MoT Failure Points you need to fix. Staring at the list.

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The 10 Most Common Car Repairs in the UK

According to a recent survey, your auto repair bill may depend on where you live. For instance, the average repair bill in London is £233, while folks in Glasgow pay only £166.

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How to Save on Repairs

If you own and drive a car, it is more likely that you’ll be afraid or hate getting your vehicle repaired. Repairs are usually time-consuming and can get expensive as time passes. A hassle that no one wants to look forward.

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How to Keep Your Car Battery Going Strong

Did you know that in the cold weather months your car battery is more susceptible to failure? This post is all about squeezing every last drop of efficiency from your car battery.

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