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Jamie Hancock - 10 February, 2020

WARNING DO NOT USE KWIK FIT Broke down with a puncture today and called the AA the managed to get me to the local Kwik fit garage to replace the rear tyre. When I spoke to the member staff on the counter he said he couldn’t look at the vehicle for a least 2hr30mins. I said that’s fine I will wait. He said I couldn’t wait or leave the vehicle there and had to come back 3pm. I said I couldn’t drive the vehicle due to a puncture to which his reply was not my problem you can’t leave it here. The workshop was half empty. They are rude and lazy do not want the work. They don’t deserve the work. Now been told they can’t change the tyre until 2 days time. Not Kwik fit more like slow and unhelpful fit. Absolutely rubbish service.