5.00/5.00 - based on 3 reviews
Yesmechanic Reviewer - 13 January, 2020

They are always my ‘go to’ for repairs, services and MOT. Friendly and helpful with fair prices. Unlike other places, they don’t make up needless repairs or try and up price items. Straight down the line, and never had issues with their repairs or assessments of problems with my car. In fact, they’re knowledgeable and seem very capable of quickly and correctly establishing where a problem orginates from. Have also previously received advice of not needed certain repairs I’d thought necessary, which tells me they’re not out to con or make a quick buck, but they care more about good Autocare and return business. For me, always first on my list to call when having car trouble.

Yesmechanic Reviewer - 18 November, 2019

Cannot fault my experience with PaisleyAutocare, Very easy to order service. Excellent range to choose from with the best price I could find. Website easy to navigate and order from. Wide range of fitting times. Arrived in the time slot chosen and fitted tyres on the drive with no hassle to me. Excellent service!

Yesmechanic Reviewer - 15 October, 2019

Repaired brakes without having to buy new ones.